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WWI 1914-1919 Honour Roll

One of the Sub-Branch’s most prized possessionsĀ is the 1914-1919 Honour Board, presented to the Sub-Branch by the family of C. Shields in 1943. Mr Shields had been secretary of the Club and the Board was presented to us in his honour.

Many people have askedĀ the reason why 1919 is shown on both this Honour Roll and the Arch of Remembrance at the Brighton Jetty. Research has shown that only the ceasefire armistice was signed in 1918, and the actual treaty was not signed until 1919. Also the members of the armed forces were not demobbed out of the services until their return to Australia which would not have been until some time in 1919. As such there service to their country continued until then.
board 72
Shield 72