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Sub-Branch History

A complete history of the Sub-Branch compiled by Paul Spencer was published in 2010 and is available free of charge at the Clubrooms.

The first attempt to form a Sub-Branch at Brighton was in 1919. However this attempt proved short lived as it closed in 1921 with just 7 members.

It was not until 1st January 1935 that  the Brighton, Seacliff and Marion Sub-Branch was reformed. This remained the name until 1945 when the annual return to Headquarters indicated that it had been altered to the Brighton Sub-Branch which has been retained to this day.

In 1935 the City of Brighton made available premises at 388 Brighton Rd Hove as the Clubroom of the Sub-Branch. This building was immediately next to the railway line at Hove. Built in 1869 as the first Brighton Town Hall the building had also been used as a Church and Masonic Lodge prior to becoming our home.

Over the years the Clubroom was extended in all directions. Two houses adjacent on Brighton Road were purchased by the Sub-Branch in 1964 and a bowling green was established on the land for the benefit of members. In 1973 land to the east of the building, belonging to the Brighton Council was converted to a second smaller bowling green. A carpark between the Clubroom and the railway was completed in 1995.

With an aging membership the early years of this century were a period of great change. The Sub-Branch’s male and female  bowling clubs in particular were severely affected and it was no longer viable to field teams in the Bowls SA pennant competitions.

In 2005 negotiations with the Brighton Bowling Club began with a view to the future. After prolonged discussion between the Sub-Branch, the Bowling Club and the City of Holdfast Bay it was agreed that the two Clubs would become joint tenants in the premises of the Brighton Bowling Club at 11-13 Keelara St Brighton. The building there was completely refurbished and extended with the two Clubs sharing the cost. Both moved into their new home on Tuesday June 10 2008 and the official opening ceremony was on September 14.

Our lease of 388 Brighton Rd Hove officially ended on 1st November 2008 after 73 years occupancy.